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The Original Scratch off Map

If you’re in search of a way to record your travels, look no further! The Scratch Map Travel Map is the ultimate way to record a lifetime of travels, from holidays as a child, weekend trips away to past globetrotting adventures. Whether you’re a frequent flyer, love Island hoping or are just wanderlust, the Scratch Map Travel Map is a must for any travel enthusiast!

History of the Scratch Map

The Scratch Map is a concept that was conceived in 2009 by Luckies of London, a world-renowned gifts designer and manufacturer. This ingenious map allows you to ‘scratch off where you’ve been’ to create personalized travel history.

Designed by highly skilled cartographers, each Scratch Map features intricate geographical detail of countries, cities, towns, states, borders, Islands and so much more. The map is manufactured using a superior quality card with a premium top foil layer. The top foil surface can easily be scratch off with a coin or an eraser. The idea is to scratch off the regions of where you’ve been to reveal the map of the world underneath. The gold foil features grid to scale showing the outline of countries, states and other territories. Using the grid, you can easily pin point the small areas, landmarks and places you’ve visited.

Scratch off where you've been

Scratching off the foil is truly satisfying and can keep he most demanding travel enthusiast entertained for hours. At the footer of the map is a map legend featuring travel trivia, map scale and a compass glass design zoomed in on Europe. Navigate your way across the world discovering new places you haven’t yet visited, learn more about the world with this fine piece of cartography.

Under the foil is a bright, multi coloured map of the world with even more detail with countries, continents, regions and terrain in different colours making is easy for anyone to see how well travelled you are. This visual master piece would sit perfect on any wall of the home or office.

Behind the map is another map of the world, this part has been designed so you can create your own travel itinerary. Using a marker, you can set the departure of your trip with any stops on the way from airports, train stations, ports and more. This map is perfect for anyone that’s embarking in a trip of a lifetime, touring the USA or backpacking across Asia.

Compact, light travel map

This compact Travel Map easily fits inside a backpack so is ideal for taking on your travels, so you can scratch as your go or keep planning on the move. Comes with sturdy cardboard protective tube to protect the map and avoid damage wherever you go.

Due to the enormous success of the Scratch Map there is now a collection of scratchable maps to suit all! This particular map is the smallest in the range, be sure to check out our other maps which include the Original Scratch Map, Deluxe, Platinum and regions specific such as Scratch off Map Europe and USA editions. We also have the much larger Scratch Map XL, also available in Deluxe.

Product Features

An original Scratch Map map by Luckies - Inventors of the Scratch Map concept back in 2009. Remove the gold foil to record where you've been and create a unique record of your journeys. Designed & made in UK. A super high quality design product packaged in a beautiful gift tube. Accept no substitutes. Beware of nasty imitations (some don't even come in a gift tube!). Map dimensions 16.5 x 11.7in. Tube dimensions 12.7 x 2.1in.

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