Britax Stroller Organizer, Black

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Manufacturer Description

The Britax Stroller Organizer provides convenient storage for all essentials while out for a stroll. The Organizer easily and securely attaches on almost any stroller handle and is adjustable to the stroller handle angle and width. Two insulated beverage holders keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. An internal frame provides structure and creates effortless removal and replacement of bottles or cups. The large center compartment features a magnetic closure that won't wake your sleeping baby when opened. Three outside pockets are easily accessible for small items such as cell phones or keys. The collapsible design does not interfere with the stroller fold.

The convenient BRITAX Stroller Organizer expands your stroller's storage capacity. Featuring adjustable straps that accommodate various handle angles and widths, the organizer fastens securely onto most strollers. It includes two beverage holders, a large middle compartment, and extra pockets for smaller items.

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Stroller Organizer
At a Glance:
  • Expands storage on your stroller with roomy center compartment
  • Straps fasten securely to handles and adjust for angle and width
  • Two beverage holders with internal frames keep hot and cold drinks separate
  • Three outside pockets are ideal for smaller items
  • Organizer collapses with stroller for easy storage

Limited one-year warranty

Stroller Organizer Product Shot

The BRITAX Stroller Organizer features two insulated beverage holders that accommodate sippy cups and
water bottles. View larger.

Stroller Organizer Product Shot

Thanks to its adjustable straps, the organizer can be fastened to most stroller handles for quick additional storage. View larger.

Convenient Stroller Organizer for Extra Storage

The BRITAX Stroller Organizer makes it easy to take long strolls or run errands around town. It expands your stroller's storage capacity with a large center compartment for stashing extra diapers, baby food, and snacks. The center compartment stays shut with a silent magnetic closure.

The organizer features two insulated beverage containers with internal frames that keep cold and hot beverages separate--ideal for sippy cups, water bottles, and baby bottles. Plus, the organizer offers small outside pockets to store keys, cell phones, and pocket change.

Adjustable Straps Fasten Securely Onto Stroller Handles

For versatility, the organizer is designed with adjustable straps that accommodate various stroller handle angles and widths. It fastens securely to the stroller handles and is compatible with all BRITAX strollers and most major stroller brands. Best of all, the organizer collapses so you can leave it intact when folding your stroller.

Product and Warranty Information

This organizer measures 6 by 13 by 4 inches (H x W x D) and fits stroller handles from 13 to 21 inches wide. The BRITAX Stroller Organizer is also backed by a manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

What's in the Box

BRITAX Stroller Organizer.

Product Features

This product is designed for compatibility with Britax single strollers. Check fit for possible use with strollers from other manufacturers The organizer easily and securely attaches to almost any stroller handle and is adjustable to the stroller handle angle and width Provides convenient storage for all essentials while using your stroller, Two insulated beverage holders keep your cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm, Large center compartment with magnetic closure for snacks, diapers or other baby items, Three outside pockets for storage of cell phone, keys or other small items, Collapsible design does not interfere with the stroller fold

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